a wonderful day of workshops


The wonderful children at Hiriya School for girls explored their ideas about the environment, and their passions and interests, during a workshop I gave on Sunday. They produced some great pieces of writing, and we’d love to share some of them with you on this blog.

Thoughts about the Environment:

* * *
“My name is Fathmath Rooba. I am 14 years old. My passions include music and photography. I think the Environment is one of the major things we should talk about and discuss. As a human being it is our responsibility to take care of our environment. Even a small difference can change the world”

* * *
“Hello! I am Shiran. I’m 14 years old. I think that the global environment should be taken care of. Unpredictable climate change and sea level rise are issues that can be a threat to humans. As well, I like music. All most everybody in the world likes music. The most beautiful thing is I like your name and the way you speak”.

* * *
“Mostly, I like watching matches of football. Manchester United is my favourite club. I listen to MGMI, Oasis and Kate Perry. I listen to them while I study as well. I believe that small countries would submerge if we do not start to do our job as an individual to stop global warming and climate change. As an individual, you can do simple things like planting trees, switching off the lights when not needed and there are many other things you could do. One of the things I like to do is tell my friends and family members about how important it is to stop the climate change”.
– Riuman Mohammed Zahir, 13 years old.

* * *
“My name is Aishath Mihna Mohammed and I’m almost 14 years old. I’ve always loved history and writing. I’ve been writing really short stories since I was five. I used to write comics but got bored of it and started to write fantasy and true life, mostly what I dream about. Most of my ideas come to my mind through dreams. I’ve always loved music. I play piano and guitar and also love to sing. I always dreamt of becoming an archaeologist.
About the environment, it’s been getting pretty worse. The last chemistry lesson we had, our teacher told us carbon dioxide is the gas which is increasing. So I guess there’s only one solution – planting trees and working together.
And I would really love to thank you for coming and spending your time here. Thank you again!”

* * *

“I’m Aminath Hana, a grade 8 student. I’m 13 years old. I have a huge interest in football. I love the club Chelsea. I love to play netball. I have an interest in diving. I love animals, birds, and all living life. I would not miss a chance to go and explore in other countries. Mostly about the environment! We need to think about it seriously otherwise later in the our future we will have to suffer. We have many things we can do. Hold our hands together to help our environment”.

* * *

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