on climate change: “I’m a member of the planet”


Climate change and environmental issues have been explored in a myriad of fascinating forms and settings during the festival: from fiction (Ian McEwan), to debate (Mark Lynas / Tim Smit), to gardening (Monty Don), to the school classroom (children thought about the issue during workshops held on the final day of the festival).

“I’m a member of the planet – and that’s why I’m here trying to make a difference to this country”, said Mark Lynas, a sentiment echoing throughout the festival, where young and old gathered to debate an issue affecting all. All agreed that action was needed, from the grassroots to the government.

During the debate with Mark Lynas and Simad Saeed, the President’s special advisor on Climate Change, a passionate voice in the crowd spoke up for the youth, asking, what hope is there for them? “The youth are going to waste. We need a grassroots movement”, he insisted.
Later, in the Vilu Hall, the British Council’s International Climate Champions gave young people aged 18 to 23 years old a voice on environmental issues, to “inspire positive action to mitigate the effects of climate change”. Their roles shall be developed over the coming year.
These voices of youth were a powerful reminder of the generation that shall inherit the earth.
* * *

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