Music in the Maldives


Harubee / Bodu Beru

Debate by day, dancing by night is the flavour of the festival.

Silhouettes of dancing bodies fall upon the sand.
The palm trees are vivid green against the inky black sky, illuminated by the stage lighting.
Some dance before the stage, others sit on the patterned mats and enjoy watching the spectacle.

HARUBEE / Bodu Beru’s expressive dancing and drum beats won the MNBC One Bodu Beru Challenge 2010. Tonight, the hypnotic beat of their drums energizes the crowd who dance for hours, in impressive twists and turns.

Such is the exuberance of entertainment that it spills out to the very end of the evening.
I catch the last ferry back to Male (the others head back to their resort islands), and the drumming, the singing, the dancing continue, all the way until the speedboat reaches land.

All in all, a most atmospheric evening.

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