Monty Don


Ripe with inspiration

Audience members were transported deep into the heart of the South American rainforests and to Monty Don’s “fascinating and deeply inspirational time” in Cuba among other locations, during a talk ripe with anecdotes, including the sticky issue of ethics: should one accept fruit which has been washed in the Amazon in which a dead dog has just floated by?

Monty Don honed his fertile experience to explore important issues. He described the thousands of organic projects now in place in Cuba, and also made the important point that without skills and knowledge, enthusiasm alone will take a much longer time to gain practical results.

Monty Don cuts to the very quick of life and death and here in the Maldives, he made thought-provoking comments on survival, and the contrast between those who are on the brink of extinction and driven to do what they must to survive, compared to our modern world in which “we don’t have to do anything”. He quoted the Bob Dylan lyric, “It’s a wonder we can even feed ourselves”.

I saw Monty Don interviewed at Hay Festival, Wales earlier this year, and he reveals many welcome green shoots of wisdom (excuse the gardening metaphor).

* * *

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